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I am disappointed with the Food Network lineup. You took off good shows in theevening to replace them with "Chopped"! I looked forward to watching The Barefoot Contessa, Farmhouse Rules. PIONEER WOMAN IS GETTING OLD...TOO MUCH OF IT. i miss that young girl in the log cabin..cooked rustic meals..can't remember th ed nsme of her show. Dont like Patricia Heagan or Valerie Bertinelli, they are not chefs! Saturday morning line up "STINKS", with...
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Why is Barefoot Contessa no longer on the Food Network Daily Lineup? While many may have issues with her "lifestyle" and "*** friends", at least the woman can cook REAL food and teaches REAL techniques. Stop with the *** food competitions and making new shows starring Old Sitcom Has-Beens that pretend they are food experts. I want to be educated - not watch "wanna be" chefs open a can...Katie Lee is an expert what? Ex-wife of Billy Joel? Come...
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I didn't like
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Where is Ina??She was on 1:30,4:00,4:30. Now only Sunday early.Bring her back!
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Anonymous I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate the format of binge watching crappy shows. Did Bobby Flay and his side kicks buy the channel and decide to program it too? Doesn't work out here ...

Food Network Barefoot Contessa Tv Show Review

Where is Ina? I absolutely hate these *** cooking competitions. This is supposed to be a cooking channel. Barefoot contessa was always informative and rntertaining