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Food Network - Cooks vs Cons - what a joke 2 of 2 people found it helpful
The premise of this show would be fine except for the totally unqualified judges, particularly Daphne Oz who doesn't know her head from her tail and tries to pretend she can critique others in their methods or qualifications.To add insult to injury, she is constantly using the expression "freakin" this and "freakin" that, which in essences is still rude. So unprofessional, so juvenile, so self entitled. She shouldn't be on any cooking show EVER....
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Cooks Vs Cons does not introduce who the judges are nor their credentials. How unprofessional! It's a real turn-off! I am a foodie and am pretty familiar with well known chefs; however, I didn't know who 2 of the judges are on this show. It was hard to find on their website. Lack of intro almost minimizes judges' knowledge and experience. (which makes sense when reviewing the judges). The only judge who is a true chef is Graham Elliot....
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