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Food Network The Kitchen Tv Show Review from Lynnwood, Washington 4 of 4 people found it helpful
I nominate The Kitchen for the worst program on food network. Right up there with all those shows from rhee Drummond, who loves to feed her guests the minute they come thru the door. Cooks who love to talk about grandchildren and GGJuice. We viewers are not their children. ! And cooks with wild hair, or fake hair hanging down. Thank heaven i just dscovered the Create Section on PBS. People who are neat and clean and understand food. ...
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Just tuned in to watch the Kitchen....what is with the flower arranging...The girl who was doing it had no idea what she was doing and the arrangements that were finished she clearly didn't do. I guess you call them arrangements, flowers stuffed into containers that looked like someone sat on them. It's a cooking show, so cook and leave the flowers to professional florists who fight a losing battle trying to keep their business going because of...
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Sick of Sunny Anderson!!! She is so loud and obnoxious and jumps on tasting food like she hasn't eaten in months! She and Jeff Mauro try and out shout each other that it makes me turn the channel.
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Watching The Kitchen today, one of my favorite Saturday shows. However, was quite disappointed when Geoffrey mixed a drink with PISCO and called it "an Argentinian" drink. Geoffrey, a Chef of your caliber should be aware that not all of South America is Argentina, and that PISCO is Peru's official drink as Rum is Cuba's and Whiskey is American. Although Chileans have been trying to make PISCO their official drink, it is not. CEVICHE is also...
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I like "The Kitchen". You keep playing with the times of shows! People get used to sitting down and waiting for their favorite show, then you've moved it and put on a chopped marathon! Way back when this Channel began, I would sit for hours watching and learning new skills! How can you learn anything from a half hour show competing with the weirdest food that the majority of people would not even touch if it was the last container on a store...
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Sunny Anderson belly laughs at EVERYTHING so LOUDLY that I finally switched channels today and I am through watching The Kitchen! I have turned the sound down to practically nothing and I can still hear her. She is all I can hear ... Laughing, laughing, laughing constantly. No one else is laughing, nothing funny was said, and she goes on and on. Her hair looks dreadful as well. Ugh! Not too much to watch anymore...way too much Guy...
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