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As much as I love your network, I turn the channel when Giada comes on.Her choice in clothing is distracting even to my teenage grandson.

Low cut tops ( today is a bunny rabbit top with his ears around her cleavage) on a cooking show ...seriously. The other lady's on your network I applauded for their taste in food and clothes. Bring back Paula Deen or put a apron on Giada!

I m sure she could still sell your show without the sexist attempt .Giada save the *** and go enjoy your kids and family .

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1316885

I totally agree is Giada selling sex or food preparation? I have a tendency to turn her off because I object to all the low cut tops showing off her chest.


Don't be such a prude.

Jackson, Missouri, United States #1177736

Innocent my ***!She's bed-hopping her way to fame and fortune!

Innocent?Like Ava Braun

Jackson, Missouri, United States #1177735

Couldn't agree more!Looks like she's selling sex!

And her pronuciation of Italian words! We get it! She's Italian!

Such a phony!I turn her show off when it comes on!


I don't like it either they are cooking why do they have to dress like that ,,,didn't use to be like that

South San Francisco, California, United States #1133377

This is not just about how women should cook for their husbands. It is also about how women should look for their husbands.


Teach your grandson to respect women and this won't be a problem.Women have the right to wear whatever they want without being judged.

And yes, sometimes women wear shirts that show cleavage in the kitchen of that is what they are comfortable in.Sounds like the real problem is your grandson wasn't raised right.


So basically, the letter writer has their mind in the gutter and is objectifying this innocent woman. Newsflash: *** are a body part (even on some men) and no one should be made to feel dirty or less than because some random viewer has dirty mind!


i found the complaint hilarious especially the part where you say

"Her choice in clothing is distracting even to my teenage grandson"

um well yeah provided he weren't *** what hetero teen boy WOULDN"T be distracted by a nice rack?

if it's so bad to you why not complain to THEM instead of a public complaints board and oh yeah CHANGE THE *** CHANNEL.

get so sick and tired of people complaining about what's on tv at this time or what's being shown on another channel.

years ago comedian Dennis Miller said it best when talking about how tv's were going to have a "v" chip installed which would replace the currently FREE ON/OFF switch.

to Anonymous South San Francisco, California, United States #1135457

Yeah. She is teaching her kid to be ashamed of being straight. One more future qu33r to add to america.


She doesn't pick out her outfits it is all staged and planned to show off her other assetts.

What's worse is she rides on the coat tails of Dino a true Legend, King Kong, Conan The Barbarian, and his other great work. She is such a zero without her assets or Dino she would be a maid at a Motel 6.

to Anonymous #1130667

Bless her heart guess she can't open her mouth to say no to the childish bunny top !

to Anonymous South San Francisco, California, United States #1135458

It's not that she has assests. The problem is that most american women are fat and disgusting. That is why this woman is idolized as a role model.

to Anonymous #1316659

Idolized???LMAO ahahahah if that fake thing is your idol you have a problem.I can't stand her *** huge toothed fake smile, put on accent or actually anything about her at all.

Oh and I do change the channel when she comes on.

Shame on everyone making ugly comments about the lady's Grandson.Idiots.

to Anonymous #1136281

Honestly, you're right.Without flaunting her ***, she has a giant head and T-rex arms/hands.

Come on...I know most of us at least think it even though we don't say it out loud or admit it.

What can I say?The network really wants to boost their ratings.

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