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What the heck happened??? If I wanted to watch that annoying Zach guy, I'd watch his multitude of ghost shows. I can't stand him and he's ruining Halloween Wars!

I look forward to this show EVERY year. So, imagine the depth of my disappointment at seeing that self-aggrandizing goober as host!

Not only has Zach ruined one of the best shows around, but there's no pumpkin carver and no small treat to test by judges??? Both were two of he most fun things to watch and integral to the show..

You lost a viewer here unless you go back to the regular format and damn it all, that really *** me off because I wait with breathless anticipation every year.

Wow, way to make up a new show: Ghost Adventures Really Poor Version Of Halloween Baking Show.

User's recommendation: Boycott the new Halloween Wars.

Location: Newburg, Pennsylvania

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I agree!! Halloween wars was my favorite show of the year!!!

I watched it the first night--no more!!

It is another cake show-that is not even that good! I am watching Halloween Baking Championship now--at least it is a good show!!!

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