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Please tone it down Sunny Anderson. OMG, she is loud, unprofessional, obnoxious, and has to be the center of attention on The Kitchen.

He co-hosts seem to be affected by her actions. No more for me. I'm done with that show because if her. Just shut up and sit down, Sunny.

You don't always have to be the center of attention.

You don't come near your co-hosts in ability and experience. For pity sake go back to your home kitchen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Food Network The Kitchen Tv Show.

Reason of review: Obnoxious host.

Preferred solution: Talk to Sunny Anderson about her unprofessionalism.

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she should shut up and close her mouth. Tie her hands behind her back so she can't put food in her mouth


It doesn’t appear the producers read these comments. She keeps being obnoxious


That's right these complaints go back a year still no changes on the show that's why I change the channel with her loud annoyance.


We watch the show in the Netherlands, Sunny is terrible a d so is her make-up terrible hate it when she screames "don't lie Jeff" so dumb with that terrible voice. We watch all the others Ree Drummond is nice always a smile on her face abd all the others as well....


Please take sunny out of an otherwise good show. I don’t watch because of her.


Same here!


Amen! Sunny, are you starving?

You are grabbling a plate, knife and fork to get the first bite of anyone's food and especially when the guests are on and cook, you ask the stupidest questions followed by "pass that down to me now and I will test it". What about everyone else?

Get y our own hair done, take off the teenage nail polish and clothes and act like your own age. I would hate to see this show go under because of your bad manners.


I agree 100 %. She never shuts up ,except to stuff her face!


I like watching the Kitchen and I like Sunny. She just needs to stop acting like a know it all. Just be yourself.


She is being herself, that's the problem.


I just watched The Kitchen for the first time. I was busy in another room and all i could hear was her mouth.

Her co-hosts are trying to speak faster and louder just to get a word in. She really set us black women back a hundred years.

We are not ALL loud and rude as the stereotype goes. Please give her a educational class on her behavior.


I am so happy we’re not the only ones who think this. My Grandma and I love this show but Sunny is getting worse and worse.

No one is allowed to eat first. GZ definitely always gives her food first to shut her up. Why has this become her show. If she wasn’t so loud where we didn’t have to turn the volume down and wasn’t so selfish and stuffing her face with ginormous bites while talking, it’d be better.

If she shared and actually passed down a plate and was polite with her co-hosts, it’d be better. Come on Food Network!


I am so tired of Sunny Anderson. She is awful.

Always has to be the first to taste everything! Loud and obnoxius.

The worst was when she took a fit on the Halloween show when they scared her! {{Redacted}}...it was a joke!


Couldn't agree more! Take it down a million notches and the show would be perfect!


She has infected the other hosts who now are getting as loud as she. Hard to watch!


That's right at least some of us are paying attention couldn't agree more her rude loud obnoxious behavior has infected the other hosts on the show was never suprised with Jeff but the others sad they use to be well mannered and professional apparently they think this is cute funny and the way to go on the show, yes I stopped watching some time ago.


How many times in the course of the show does she say, "Know what I'm saying?" STOP!! She just talked over/interrupted Jeff!!


I feel the same way ! I just changed the channel do to her obnoxious attitude . I will no longer watch this show .


We watch The Kitchen in South Africa but please !!! can you do something to tone Sunny down or better still take off your program.

To watch her when she drull over food is sickening, the rest if your presenters are excellent. Regards Ria, South Africa


Totally agree...getting to the point that we will no longer watch this show...enjoy the remaining cooks (excellent)...please, please listen to your viewers!

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