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Please tone it down Sunny Anderson. OMG, she is loud, unprofessional, obnoxious, and has to be the center of attention on The Kitchen.

He co-hosts seem to be affected by her actions. No more for me. I'm done with that show because if her. Just shut up and sit down, Sunny.

You don't always have to be the center of attention.

You don't come near your co-hosts in ability and experience. For pity sake go back to your home kitchen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Food Network The Kitchen Tv Show.

Reason of review: Obnoxious host.

Preferred solution: Talk to Sunny Anderson about her unprofessionalism.

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@Gabrielle D Ixc

Your a moron!


The more I watch Sunny Anderson the more I dislike her. She is loud, obnoxious and really unpleasant to tolerate.

When she's on Beat Bobby Flay, I change the channel.

Hey Network Execs, do something about this ridiculous woman. Thank you.


I do agree... awful personality


#tv personal


I agree. Sunny is very obnoxious. She needs to go off show.


#tv personal

@Gabrielle D Ixc

You’re an idiot


I love watching Beat Bobby Flay, but I absolutely CANNNOT watch when Sunny is on. I have to change the channel. I hate missing the show, but I REFUSE to watch her!


#tv personal

@Gabrielle D Ixc

Milky Comments and feedback are by nature “personal” as we are engaging in free speech by voicing our criticism. Fake hair hanging near food, long unhygienic claws dipped in the food, talking with mouth full, interrupting, blurting self serving nonsense - do you want these gross traits to represent black women or do you just not want anyone to criticize a gross person because she’s black? Former is a fool, latter is a bigot.

@Gabrielle D Ixc

Its spelled personnel you genius!

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