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Please tone it down Sunny Anderson. OMG, she is loud, unprofessional, obnoxious, and has to be the center of attention on The Kitchen.

He co-hosts seem to be affected by her actions. No more for me. I'm done with that show because if her. Just shut up and sit down, Sunny.

You don't always have to be the center of attention.

You don't come near your co-hosts in ability and experience. For pity sake go back to your home kitchen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Food Network The Kitchen Tv Show.

Reason of review: Obnoxious host.

Preferred solution: Talk to Sunny Anderson about her unprofessionalism.

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OMG, NOW this woman, Sunny Anderson, is a judge on Chopped? I am begging you to stop forcing her down the viewers throats. She is not liked with her loudness and rude behavior, however having her on the episode of a Chefs Best Friend is hilarious!


My thoughts as well stop her and send her back to school


I think Kitchen put her outside to cook because of her constant rude and intrusive conversation on the other hosts. When does her contract run out?????


Not soon enough


Apparently Sunny thinks she is better and more important than the other hosts as she refuses to be in the same area- even socially distanced. She probably hasn’t been vaccinated and I think we all know why Food Network is hanging on to her. I fast forward past any segment she does


This woman must have something on someone at food network to stay employed. She's loud, obnoxious, cooks everything out of a package or box, and talks constantly with her mouth full.

She also is the first to grab food that has just been cooked. She's even worse on Beat Bobby Flay and thinks she's funny. Just for kicks, I counted recently on the Kitchen how many times she said "ya know what I'm sayin" in an hour.

27. She needs severe coaching.

@Hiram Lgt

Also, how many times she says “Do it”. I lost count.

@Hiram Lgt

Exactly. Ya know what I’m sayin? Smacks when she eats,


So agree! I cannot stand her!

She is loud! She is obnoxious!

She needs to shut up and ride off into the sunset. It would not bother me to never see her again or hear another word from her loudmouth!!


Why is she still on The Kitchen? Please fire her a!!


I have stopped watching the show most of the time because of her. She makes my ears hurt with her loudness, not to mention how she has to always be the center of attraction regardless of what is taking place.


I cannot imagine a more artificial and over the top person on the Food Network than Sunny Anderson. Her inauthenticity and obnoxious behavior has turned me off to seeing her on any program.


It's about time!


I find your review obnoxious and unwarranted! Sunny is my favorite host.

You can’t have the Kitchen with five iron chefs! There are already iron chefs shows, Iron chef, Beat Bobby Flay, etc. it’s unrealistic “home cooks” can obtain Iron chef results. The kitchen is my favorite Saturday go to.

I love Sunny and the interaction with and Katie Lee. In my opinion Jeff Morrow, who I love, seeks more attention that Sunny. However, I don’t find fault with Jeff because he is funny and personable.

Just enjoy the show and quit nitpicking. It’s meant to be lighthearted and entertaining like inviting five friends and to your house for an hour.


I’m not going to watch Sunny grab food over the other hosts and then shovel it into her mouth and chew like a Cow. Her other favorite thing to do is talk over anyone on the show including a Guest! For the love of Pete, get rid of her!!!


She always has to be first to eat anything. And it shows.


You are obviously in the minority (pun intended) here.


Sunny anderson is a fake


Let’s get some new people on this network. Sick of Bobby Flay Jef Mauro Katie Lee please stop making me hear her.

Sunny Anderson is obnoxious and mister I don’t pay my employees and claim bankruptcy GZ lol and why is Alex on this show?!! I’m done I’m sure there’s something else I can do Saturday morning.

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