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Please tone it down Sunny Anderson. OMG, she is loud, unprofessional, obnoxious, and has to be the center of attention on The Kitchen.

He co-hosts seem to be affected by her actions. No more for me. I'm done with that show because if her. Just shut up and sit down, Sunny.

You don't always have to be the center of attention.

You don't come near your co-hosts in ability and experience. For pity sake go back to your home kitchen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Food Network The Kitchen Tv Show.

Reason of review: Obnoxious host.

Preferred solution: Talk to Sunny Anderson about her unprofessionalism.

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I frequently change the channel because of Sunny. Ultimately obnoxious!!!


Sunny anderson is ridiculous


I heard “do you see what I’m sayin....” one too many times.


Apparently not...the phrase heard non-stop is "ya know what I'm sayin'?"


I do believe you are way off base, I love her on this show. The one I dont like is the new one Alex. She constantly interrupts the other host, tells them what they should have used, and never shuts up, when shes on I dont watch The Kitchen.


Not a fan of either Alex or Sunny. Alex was such a *** judge on Chopped and Iron Chef.

She practically blew Bobby Flay on camera everytime she judged him. Barf. I hate Sunny's wigs. Hair in food comes to mind.

Her ghetto remarks??? Why??? Just why??? Katie's monotone voice makes me want to shake her.

I was shocked GZ was martied to a "WOMAN" butat least he's not fake when hes3cooking. Jeff over plays the goof ball sometimes.

I like the concept of the show but what an odd choice of hosts. No chemistry.


Send her packing


Sunny's time in the sun has passed. She needs to have her backyard bush-hogged cause one can only imagine what vermin it contains.


Sunny anderson is so loud rude interrupts and has no class at all


She IS a bush hog


Ok...pandemic shows continuously tell us she is unappreciated by FN By way of The Kitchen footage of her in her dirty dang backyard with her dirty little grills in the background,..... What?

*** uneven table and un thought out recipes contrived.....we’ve all seen it! Bad wigs, no love from FN. WHY OH WHY IS SHE STILL IN HER BACKYARD Pretending TO COOK while it’s clear that She doesn’t grill or cook ANYTHING EVER? Her backyard pretend grill fake trash farm animal dog yard setup is disgusting.

FNW clearly hates her as much as we do. Ya know what I’m sayin! GZ you know what I’m sayin? that’s what I’m talkin about.

You go girl. EPIC FAIL, SUNNY has got to go.

Nice big mouthful. Sick.

@Nanette Pbu

I too, would like her to quit asking if we know what she means- we & her co-hosts are not stupid!

@Nanette Pbu

"OK GZ...OK" "GZ be servin' up sum spicy" "mmmmhmmm"


Sunny Anderson should not be on show she can not show it must be a mess she ruins the stow


She is loud and obnoxious. I hate when she is on Beat Bobby Flay she is just so mean to him.

It goes beyond teasing him. She is annoying!


Thats great keeping Sunny outside! She needs to go.

She doesn't allow viewers in like the other hosts.

If she wants to be so separate--let her go. She's loud and doesn't connect


Yes. I’ve come to the conclusion, sadly, that she needs to go.


Today on the Kitchen they were making breakfast food. There in her glory was Sunny bundled up in a puffer coat and a red curly wig cooking pancakes on her outdoor grill.

To my surprise she had set up a bookcase with things you usually decorate with kitchen stuff.

Really, Sunny. You need to pack up and find yourself a new gig.


Amen! Less is more!

And for goodness sake’s start passing the sample plates down to the other hosts!

No, you take the first helping and NEVER pass them down! So rude!!


Sunny Anderson is an insult to anyone in the food service industry. The self centered, obnoxious, rude, ignorant behavior lessens the credibility of Food Network.

Perhaps the producers think Sunny is the entertainment for the show but in fact she is s annoying I can no longer watch.

REAL chefs would not act like she does and the garrish outfits, poor grammar, know it all interrupting is unbearably disgusting . Maybe she should spend some time with Jacques Pepin.

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