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Sunny Anderson needs to go. She opens seasonings with her mouth, she actually Licks utensils, claims all the food, talks with a MOUTHFUL, while over talking everyone else and she can't even cook.

She's always looking at the camera with those stupid faces and that FAKE laugh and smile. Stand up already. She even eats while resting her arm on the counter or cutting board. She's super loud when they're having friendly competitions, she takes that to a whole nother obnoxious level.

Bobby Flay should never ever have her on his show again. She is downright rude and even Louder on his show. Unfortunately we all see her. She ruins the few shows she's allowed on.

She'll never be a chef, just a microwave and box cook.

Take her off of TV period. What an Obnoxious Loud CLOWN!!!

Location: Columbus, Georgia

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Both Sunny and Food Network enjoy the controversy = ratings that she brings. It’s unfortunate, as she does have some good ideas.

My issue is with the long flowing hair tumbling over the ladies shoulders.

I would never eat their food. Change the channel.

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