I received a subscription for Food Network Mag from my brother. Little did I know that they would roll over the subscription if I personally cancelled before they do roll it over.

So I received a bill from them renewing my gift. Try as I may, I cannot get anyone through their customer service. It is All robo and if you press "0" it will tell you that they do not recognize my response, tell you Thank You and hang up on you. I tried to email them, it will not recognize me because my brother started the subscription.

There is absolutely No Human customer service. That's a scam! Really you in and there's no way to talk to a person to cancel or to express what has happened. I'm not paying their bill because I will just go through this again next year.

I will be having to go watch my subscription from Jan to probably April because I don't know when he started the subscription. This is a BBB situation.

And I Am turning them in. Don't get a subscription unless you want magazines for life with a bill to go with boot to go with it.

User's recommendation: Don't give a friend or relative a subscription to this magazine because you are giving them a gift of a headache and a bill to boot.

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

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