I have been contacted by Food Network via email for help to unlock my account with Food Network kitchen.com because I have been temporarily locked out. I have been locked out for at least two or three months now.

i was contacted by Food Network to resolve this problem but the solution has not worked. They told me that the reason is because I have 2 or 3 acvtd.. I did this because I Had trouble getting into my account and so I opened another account with my email to see if that would let me access my act.. But I have not been able to get in.

Also, when I want to get a recipe from the emails I received from Food Network.com or from a search engine and I click on it it always takes me to the Latin American platform which has not had Happened before. This began when Food Network changed its logo to Food Network kitchen.com and change its whole platform. Im always directed to the Latin American tu discoveryand this is very annoying.

I feel like this will never be resolved I will been using otherCompanies for my recipe needs because of this problem I hope I can get some help.

Also, when I tried to call it just directs me to a voicemail, and It does not allow me to leave a message or speak with anyone. I guess it must be due to the Covid -19 and not having many employees to answer Phone calls.

Location: Caguas, Caguas

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