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I use to love watching Food Network. I'd actually rush home to catch my favorite shows.

What the heck happened? I want to see chefs cooking real food and showing how to make special recipes. It helped me serve my family good nutritious foods. Now all I see is Chopped!

I could care less who cooks better in a competition and what the heck is this

Chopped Jr. show? Who cares about kids cooking! Those kids are cute but I want to see real cooks make good food.

I've stopped watching because the good chefs and the real recipes are gone. You guys are blowin it!

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Yes it stinks. In the 90s I loved to watch.

My young son would also watch the firefighters cooking show, calling all cooks and I loved Sarah Molton and Rachel Ray among other chefs who really cooked. I hate Giada (weird meals and a conceited person). I want real cooks. I hate the competitions too.

I did like Iron Chef back in the day. I liked Alton Brown.

I NEVER WATCH anymore. I think the millennials have taken over and ruined too many things.

Edgerton, Wisconsin, United States #1256603

I agree. I do not like the programming anymore.

I have stopped watching this newtork.

New York, New York, United States #1219798

Could not agree more! The network is full of game shows and *** best of type shows.

What happened to all the chefs?


Loved Rachel, Paula, Alton, Tyler, Emeril, Sandra...

Rossville, Georgia, United States #1199630

I agree if thats the best shows they have to offer they need to wake up and get a grip!!! I only watch about 3 shows anymore I just turn it off... You would think they would notice that there viewers are tuning out....

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