Several negative comments on Sonny Anderson and nothing seems to be done about it. I cringe when she talks, eats and sometimes with her lipstick (color) and hair (wigs).

There are so many other cooks to bring to the show. Just don't bring Valerie on, she acts like a small child cooking, gets all excited when her food comes out of the oven, acts like she's never seen it before. The day she said "since I'm Italian I'll add garlic". What was that all about.

Talks to her food alot. I guess that's ok, maybe one of these times something will answer.

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I love Sunny Anderson. You say she's loud, more than Jeff M ?

Talks with food in her mouth, as do all the others. She is talented, smart, well read. Is she a little over the top some times, yes. but, talk about having to be the center of attention, that problem, is not one of Sunny's.

Are you sure you're watching everyone? We all have these idiosyncrasy, well maybe not Marcella. GZ, thinks he's God, and is treated that way, Katie hangs on all over one of the men stars, Jeff M., is loud, A Patrick Swayze he is not. He bumps and grinds the guest, and fellow workers.

He has to sing louder then anyone. His pronunciation of Italian words is embarrassing. Now that being said, I love, love love this show and all the cast. I wouldn't to see any of them leave.

Nor would I want them to spend their time picking me apart.

Hated it when Marcella left, let's appreciate the rest and support them. Thank you, Joan


I have been a fan of the Kitchen since it began, but I just can’t take it anymore. Please mentor, reassign or get rid of Sunny Anderson.

She is the most annoying personality on the Food Network. From her constant and obnoxious need to be heard above her co-hosts to the voracious way she eats, it’s made the show hard to watch. I don’t remember Ms. Anderson being this way when she first started.

She behaves like this on whatever show she graces. Please help her. I love The Kitchen, but it’s hard to watch. I notice many viewers feel the same way I do.

That can’t be good for the network. I miss Marcela Valladolid so much. Please replace her with someone who has the smarts and elegance of Ms.

Valladolid. Thank you for your time.


Food Network please please please get rid of Anne Burrell she's nasty irritating and basically a food snob/bully if she's on a show I automatically change the channel she's just not interesting entertaining or educational in any way. Please remove her from the channel.

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