I have watched the show (the kitchen) for as long as it has been on . I have watched Sunny Anderson go from the ultimate professional to a wild hair, wild lipstick, crazy .outrageous , loud , overbearing, attitude.

I loved her and still do but someone needs to tone her down . She is always yelling and loud. She is really not a comedian but she really wants to be. Another thing is that the Food Network should change it's name to The Guy Network.

I mean he is on all day everyday .

He is ok but can you do reruns of something else besides DDD . It gets old especially since Food Network is pretty much the only channel i watch.

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2/26.....The Kitchen has been a pleasure to watch without the big mouth Sunny on it.....


Agree...shut Sunny up, or please have her be more controlled in behavior, speech, + what she thinks is funny condesend-ence to Bobby Flay during the Beat episodes. "We're in the house" screamer is a turn-off.

Further, if the tables were turned, should any 2 males hosting the show, constantly berate a star chef, it would be @minimal insulting, if not down right harassment + character assassination.... She thinks she's funny.

The army brat is NO ROLE MODEL for my kids in this day of bullying. Pls can her!!!


I tried watching the kitchen again yesterday ,I couldn't believe that Sunny Anderson again said "DO IT" and 'YOU KNOW WHAT IM SAYING " at least 20 times before I couldn't watch anymore !! Why won't somebody in the production Dept speak to her about these ANNOYING sayings as it ends up that's all you hear !!

,she grabs the food and smacks her lips whilst talking with her mouth full,I see lots of people have the same complaint , obviously Food Network couldn't give a damn about their viewers ,well they just lost one more !! I can't stand to hear that woman's voice again !!


I couldn't agree more I was done with Food network a long time ago they need to get it together go back to being professionals not pansies


Yes she needs to learn manners and etiquette She behaves like she owns the show and the network for that matter she's so annoying and I complained 2 yrs ago you're right also food network does not care about their viewers which makes their show they better clean up or shut down we viewers deserve better when we choose to give them our time


Charm school would help Sunny a lot. Watch her shows when she first started.

She did not act like she does today. Big difference.


I agree. I tried to watch the Kitchen again, and Sunny Anderson was so loud, obnoxious, and interrupting everyone and putting her two cents in.

Jeff Mauro had made a breakfast dessert and she said "Why don't you drizzle the frosting down the sides?" And he put her in her place by saying "I believe this is my recipe, but thank you for your input." That subdued her for a bit. She used to be very professional..now she is a loud, overbearing ill mannered train wreck.

Why doesn't the Food Network Execs tell her to tone it down? They just lost another viewer here!

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