I watch the show from the beginning because I thoroughly enjoyed it not anymore Sunny Anderson is disgusting her hair almost drags through the food... she is loud obnoxious chews with her mouth open talks with food in her mouth while chewing..

if you stand still long enough she will eat you too.. I have put up with this long enough can I take anymore today did me in when her and Katie put a towel around GZ so he could take a bite of the sandwich.. that was fine until obnoxious Sunny Anderson said" we have to keep him fly" seriously?

I will not be watching this show anymore is this what you're trying to prove you can do on your show how to drag your long hair through your food and then eat it.. I enjoy everyone else on the show but Sunny Anderson and her slang that does not belong on this show ruins it..

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The network should not pay her if she acts like a pig. If she talks over the good hosts (I should say when, since she does it every episode) deduct from her paycheck, when she runs and grabs food, spoons, bowls, beaters, pans and blenders, deduct it from her paycheck.

Can't watch this class less overweight person shove food in her face for another minute. She doesn't belong on a network show.

The clown makeup and wigs don't help. The show must have a producer who can shut her up!!!!


I don't want to be mean or hurt Sunny's feeling but she needs to learn proper kitchen manners. Her grabbing food away from the other hosts is disgusting.

She acts as if she is starved. Please eat before the show so you won't be stuffing food in to your mouth.

It's gotten to the point I can't watch and I really enjoy the other hosts. I hope the producers help Sunny before the show fails.

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