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Sunny Anderson is the grossest "Chef" to watch. I have stopped watching the show because I am so tired of watching her make a glutonous (sp?) fool out of herself.

She grabs food that the other chefs are preparing even before they are finished with their presentations. She takes gigantic bites that are larger than a man would take. She always says "know what I'm sayin" and talks like a hick. I can't stand it when she "dibs" the spatulas and beaters.

Sunny is the last person I would ever watch again.

Often times I see the other members of "The Kitchen" literally cringe at some of her actions. After all of the complaints about Sunny Anderson, WHEN will you ever get rid of her?

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Why are the people cooking with long hair not made to ware hair nets? I see it all the time.

In a show the other nite a judge found a hair. So why not nets


Well, I'm from the South so I have a Southern accent.Why make fun of accents? Unless it's faked.I don't watch 'The Kitchen' very much so I don't know if Sunny fakes the accent or not.But, many talk with a 'hick' accent because that's just how they sound.


Agree. She is Not a chef.

So annoying. Blue, green and yellow lipstick is not a thing. She looks ridiculous.

Please replace her with a real chef. Sunny Anderson needs to go.

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