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I really enjoy the Kitchen and the hosts do a great job—ecxept Sunny Anderson. She has a loud mouth and steals the show every chance she gets.

I turn the channel when it’s her turn most of the time. She also constantly takes and shoves food into her face and then proceeds to chew and talk with her mouth open. She has such rude eating habits. Also, a speech class or lesson would help her out immensely.

The phrase “you know What I’m saying” is all she knows...ugh! not cute. The Kitchen would be so much better without Sunny Anderson. Find someone with some manners!!!

She resembles a pig. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll watch.

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It’s disgusting to watch Sonny Anderson shoving food in her mouth. And she is constantly turning every situation back to her. Can management talk to her about her constant eating, reaching over her cohosts, talking with food in her’s disgusting


I love The Kitchen and watch it every week. Each host is wonderful and adds something special.

I do find that Sunny Anderson needs to broaden her vocabulary. "You know what I'm sayin'" should not be said every sentence out of her mouth or anyone else. If any of the other chefs were repeating themselves as much it would annoy me too. I think Sunny is more professional than this now and she's grown as a chef.Please stop this juvenile nonsense.

I don't think it's ethnic, I think it's juvenile.

The jr. high kids I work with say it repeatedly as Sunny does.


"you know what I'm sayin '?" is so very irritating.

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