I have been a fan of the Kitchen since it began, but I just can’t take it anymore. Please mentor, reassign or get rid of Sunny Anderson.

She is the most annoying personality on the Food Network. From her constant and obnoxious need to be heard above her co-hosts to the voracious way she eats, it’s made the show hard to watch. I don’t remember Ms. Anderson being this way when she first started.

She behaves like this on whatever show she graces. Please help her. I love The Kitchen, but it’s hard to watch. I notice many viewers feel the same way I do.

That can’t be good for the network. I miss Marcela Valladolid so much. Please replace her with someone who has the smarts and elegance of Ms.

Valladolid. Thank you for your time.

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I can hardly watch The Kitchen. Every time Sunny opens her mouth, I find myself muting the program.

People should not have to do that!!!

Now Food Network you have her on the Spring Baking Show and I’m unable to watch that! From all of these complaints I read, If she is so good at what she does as some people say, she will find another Network to Suck the Life out of it Please Let Her Go!


I do agree with all of you but she is a great cook. She has great recipes.

On the other hand I just can't tolerate Katie Lee's voice. It is so overwhelmingly annoying.

She practially sings her last syllabels on each word super annoying. But I do like the show.


She is proof that money cant buy class or even basic manners.


I wish sunny would return to the set instead of home. Sunny, katie and 2 jeffs was great.

Alex is a bore.

Shows not as good anymore. You can only watch reruns for so long.


Are you kidding? Alex may be a bore, but she is far more tolerable than Sunny.

I literally mute 90% of the show nowadays because Sunny never shuts the he!! up.


Total loser


Ditto to everything you said - I think the classless, sow-queen rules...they're afraid of her - why else would she still be there? - she totally ruins the show, indeed - other than her, the show is great - yes, PLEASE replace her with Marcela - quit making your viewers pay for your mistakes and lack of leadership


Unfortunately I just commented how i like her. But read your comments and truly agree.

I do like her but do hate her nasty habits on The Kitchen. She does come off like a gross hog.

But well, she's still on the show so obviously someone likes her and doesn't care what the comments say. So just enjoy the show and ignore her.


well i just saw an episode of "Beat Bobby Fly" with him and asian chef Mojan and she looked beautiful with that particular wig. She looked very natural and that is the type of wigs she needs to wear.

I know she gets alot of smack on how gross she is but she is a very sweet and down to earth human bean. I do like her and feel sorry for her for getting so much negativity online.

keep being you. love you Sunny.


Well said!!


I love The Kitchen but I ABSOLUTELY cannot stand Sunny Anderson! She’s LOUD, OBNOXIOUS, and a grabby PIG!

I refuse to watch this show again. GET RID OF HER!!!




Today she was licking the mixer


And she was smiling like it was cute


I love to hate sunny


I've been reading all of these comments for the past half hour. I have commented myself several times about Sunny Anderson's rude, crude, obnoxious, loud behaviors, the disgusting way she eats, her "dibs"ing the bowls, spoons, mixing paddles, etc.

Obviously the Food Network has this site for comments but must not read them. If they do read the comments, they haven't done anything to change the situation with Sunny. It seems to me that with all of the similar comments from SO MANY PEOPLE, Sunny would no longer be a problem and we could continue to watch "The Kitchen.

Please executives, please respond to this comment. Thank you


I’m with you....she’s so obnoxiously loud....! Marcela please return!!!!

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